Green-top Guideline No. 66: Management of Beta Thalassaemia in Pregnancy

This new Green-top Guideline provides evidence-based guidance on the management of women with beta −thalassaemia major or intermedia in pregnancy.

Beta thalassaemia is a genetic condition that affects the body's ability to create beta globin, a component of haemoglobin. Individuals with its most severe form, beta thalassaemia major, require regular blood transfusions to treat the resultant anaemia, combined with iron chelation therapy to prevent the build-up of excess iron in the body. Thalassaemia intermedia is a less severe form of the condition, where −transfusions may or may not be required.

The guideline addresses pre-conceptual care and fertility, antenatal management (including a suggested schedule of antenatal appointments), and intrapartum and postpartum care.

Written by: Rosie Fforde, Research Assistant, RCOG