Figure S1. Effects on 5S rRNA accumulation of combining pnp and rnr mutations.

qRT-PCR was used to measure the amount of sequences containing mature 5S rRNA. Reverse transcription was performed using 3’ qRT-PCR gene-specific primers as described in Sharwood et al. (2011). The results were normalized to actin, and standard error is shown. The amount of 5S rRNA was set to 1 for A263, which acts as a wild-type control. The data are derived from two biological replicates and three technical replicates for each genotype.

Figure S2. RNA phenotypes of single and double mutants. RNA gel blots were probed with the segments shown in the lower right corner, with their extents indicated by underlining on the schematics.

Figure S3. Polysomal loading in WT and rnr1-3. Polysomes were separated in sucrose gradients as shown across the top, and RNA from fractions was analyzed by gel blot.

Figure S4. Analysis of psbC, rbcL and psbA mRNA in ActD-treated WT and rnr1-3 plants. The top part of the figure shows RNA accumulation by gel blot, with numbers at the left corresponding to transcripts whose accumulation is graphed below, as described in the legend to Figure 7.

Figure S5. Analysis of additional chloroplast transcripts following ActD treatment in WT and rnr1-3 plants.

Figure S6. Accumulation of RBCS mRNA in ActD-treated WT and rnr1-3 plants, as described in the legend to Figure 7.

Figure S7. Analysis of mitochondrial cox1, atp9 and rps4 mRNAs in ActD-treated WT and rnr1-3 plants.

Table S1. Sequences of oligonucleotides primers used in this study.

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