Figure S1. Phylogenetic analysis of SWI2/SNF2 subgroup chromatin remodeling ATPases.

Figure S2. Conservation of the N-terminal protein interaction domains and the catalytic ATPase domain in the three classes of plant SWI2/SNF2 ATPases.

Figure S3. Phenotypes of 6-day-old wild-type and minu1 minu2 plants grown on half-strength MS plates supplemented with 1% sucrose.

Figure S4. Above-ground phenotypes of minu1 minu2, minu1 minu1 clv3 and minu1 minu2 wus mutants.

Figure S5. pWUS:GUS and pCLV3:GUS expression in minu1 minu2 and wild-type shoot apices.

Figure S6. Sporadic cell division defects in minu1 minu2 roots.

Figure S7. Growth of minu1 minu2 on MS plates lacking or supplemented with sucrose.

Figure S8. Recruitment of MINU2 to chromatin.

Figure S9. Normaski images of wild-type and minu1 minu2 mature embryo roots.

Figure S10. Expression of DR5rev:GFP, pWOX5:GFP and pCLV3:GUS in wild-type and minu1 minu2 embryos.

Figure S11. GFP-MINU2 protein localized in nuclei of late anaphase cells.

Table S1. Segregation ratio of mutant seedlings in the progeny of minu1, minu2, min1 minu2/+ and minu1/+ minu2.

Table S2. Number of floral organs formed in minu1-3 minu2-1.

Table S3. Root growth and cortical cell size for cell flux analysis.

Table S4. Primers used in this study.

Appendix S1. Supplementary experimental procedures.

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