Figure S1. Sequence alignment of the five RFCs of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Figure S2. The structure of the BRCT domain in the AtRFC1 gene.

Figure S3. Analysis of the T–DNA insertion in the AtRFC1 gene.

Figure S4. Phenotypic analysis of the rfc1–2 mutant.

Figure S5. PCR identification of complementary lines.

Figure S6. DAPI staining of pollen.

Figure S7. Phenotypic analysis of the rfc1–1 mutant.

Figure S8. Western blots for detection of AtRFC1 proteins in inflorescences of wild-type and rfc1–2 plants.

Figure S9. AtRFC1 localization in wild-type and rfc1–2 chromosomes.

Figure S10. Relative expression value for AtRFC1 in inflorescences from wild-type and spo11–1.

tpj12024-sup-0002-TableS1.docWord document44KTable S1. Primers used in this study.

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