tpj12058-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdfapplication/PDF94KFigure S1. irCDPK4/5 plants have stunted stems and reduced rosette leaf sizes.
tpj12058-sup-0002-FigureS2.pdfapplication/PDF121KFigure S2. Stems of irCDPK4/5 plants have decreased pith cell sizes.
tpj12058-sup-0003-FigureS3.pdfapplication/PDF27KFigure S3. Content of jasmonic acid-isoleucine conjugate (JA-Ile) in the stems and leaves of wild-type and irCDPK4/5 plants.
tpj12058-sup-0004-FigureS4.pdfapplication/PDF119KFigure S4. irCDPK4/5 stems have high levels of phenolic compounds.
tpj12058-sup-0005-FigureS5.pdfapplication/PDF31KFigure S5. Overlaid HPLC chromatograms of the secondary metabolites in wild-type, irCDPK4/5, irCDPK4/5 × irCOI1, and irCOI1 stem tissues.
tpj12058-sup-0006-FigureS6.pdfapplication/PDF72KFigure S6. Secondary metabolites in the leaves of wild-type and irCDPK4/5 plants.
tpj12058-sup-0007-FigureS7.pdfapplication/PDF17KFigure S7. The content of jasmonic acid-isoleucine conjugate (JA-Ile) in the stems of wild-type, irCDPK4/5, irCDPK4/5 × irAOC, and irAOC plants.
tpj12058-sup-0008-FigureS8.pdfapplication/PDF51KFigure S8. The growth phenotypes of wild-type, irCDPK4/5, irCDPK4/5 × irCOI1, irCDPK4/5 × ovJMT, irCOI1, and ovJMT plants.
tpj12058-sup-0009-FigureS9.pdfapplication/PDF47KFigure S9. Contents of secondary metabolites in the stems of wild-type, irCDPK4/5, irCOI1, ovJMT, irCDPK4/5 × irCOI1, and irCDPK4/5 × ovJMT plants.
tpj12058-sup-0010-FigureS10.pdfapplication/PDF18KFigure S10. Plant heights are correlated with jasmonic acid levels.
tpj12058-sup-0011-FigureS11.pdfapplication/PDF126KFigure S11. Secondary metabolites in wild-type and irCDPK4/5 stems after supplementation of gibberellin GA3.
tpj12058-sup-0012-FigureS12.pdfapplication/PDF78KFigure S12. A simplified pathway of gibberellin biosynthesis.
tpj12058-sup-0013-FigureS13.pdfapplication/PDF2264KFigure S13. Alignments of protein sequences.
tpj12058-sup-0014-FigureS14.pdfapplication/PDF21KFigure S14. GA20ox transcript levels in wild-type and irCDPK4/5 Nicotiana attenuata stem.
tpj12058-sup-0015-FigureS15.pdfapplication/PDF129KFigure S15. Transcript levels of genes in the leaves of wild-type, irCDPK4/5, irCDPK4/5 × irAOC, and irAOC plants.
tpj12058-sup-0016-TableS1.pdfapplication/PDF65KTable S1 Sequences of primers used for quantitative RT-PCR.
tpj12058-sup-0017-TableS2.pdfapplication/PDF17KTable S2 GenBank accession numbers.
tpj12058-sup-0018-TableS3.pdfapplication/PDF62KTable S3 Primers used for cloning gibberellin biosynthesis and receptor genes.
tpj12058-sup-0019-TableS4.pdfapplication/PDF52KTable S4 Primer used to clone GA20ox into pTV00 to obtain the virus-induced gene silencing construct.
tpj12058-sup-0020-MethodS1.pdfapplication/PDF74KMethods S1. Isolation and identification of N1-caffeoyl-N3-dihydrocaffeoylspermidine.
tpj12058-sup-0021-Supporting-Information-legends.docxWord document17K 

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