Figure S1. Predicted amino acid (aa) sequence of XBOS251 (a) and XBOS252 (b).

Figure S2. Immunodetection of FLAG-XB25 expressed in Escherichia coli strain ER2566 by anti-XB25M.

Figure S3. RNAiXB25 plants are morphologically similar to the wild type.

Figure S4. Relative expression levels of Xb25, Xbos251 and Xbos252 in wild-type TP309 and three RNAiXb25 transgenic lines (S34, S41 and S42).

Figure S5. RNAiXB25 lines (S34, S41 and S42) exhibit a similar susceptibility to Xoo as the wild type.

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Table S1. Amino acid sequence comparisons of XB25 and related proteins in rice (XBOS251 and XBOS251), Arabidopsis (AtPhos43 and AKR2) and tobacco (TIP1, TIP2 and TIP3).

Table S2. Primers used in this study.

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