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Figure S1. BOU gene expression is differentially regulated by light.

Figure S2. Isolation of a homozygous T-DNA knockout line for BOU.

Figure S3. Complementation of bou-2.

Figure S4. Full Western blot analysis of GDC components and SHM1.

Figure S5. Starch accumulation in the bou-2 root apex.

Figure S6. Analysis of STM:GUS expression.

Figure S7. Global transcriptome analysis of the bou-2 mutant compared to WT, and subcellular location of the mis-expressed genes.

Figure S8. Comparison of glycine accumulation of bou-2 and shm1 photorespiration mutants at the seedling stage.

tpj12082-sup-0002-MethodS1.docxWord document136KMethods S1. Supplementary experimental procedures.
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Table S1. The 14 photorespiratory genes used for co-expression analysis.

Table S3. The 25 most induced or repressed genes in 5- and 8-day-old bou-2 seedlings compared to WT.

Table S4. Growth and hormone genes that are mis-expressed in the bou-2 mutant.

Table S5. Photosynthesis and metabolism genes that are mis-expressed in the bou-2 mutant.

Table S6. Primers used in this study.

tpj12082-sup-0005-TableS2.xlsapplication/msexcel32KTable S2. Metabolite concentrations in leaf tissues of shm1, bou-2 and WT grown at 3000 ppm CO2 or 17 h after a shift to 380 ppm CO2.

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