tpj12087-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif2828KFigure S1. Complementation of Arabidopsis cgl by the expression of rice GnTI.
tpj12087-sup-0002-FigS2.tifimage/tif248KFigure S2. Analyses of the expressions of GnTI and adjacent genes in gnt1 and wild type.
tpj12087-sup-0003-FigS3.tifimage/tif173KFigure S3. The HPLC profiles of the fluorescently labeled N-glycans in gnt1 and wild type.
tpj12087-sup-0004-FigS4.tifimage/tif327KFigure S4. Analyses of the expressions of cell wall synthesizing genes in gnt1 and wild type.
tpj12087-sup-0005-TableS1.docxWord document12KTable S1. Segregation analysis of heterozygous gnt1 derived progenies on medium containing hygromycin.
tpj12087-sup-0006-TableS2.docxWord document18KTable S2. The HPLC analysis of N-glycans from wild type and gnt1 calli.
tpj12087-sup-0007-TableS3.docxWord document14KTable S3. Primers used in this study.
tpj12087-sup-0008-MethodS1.docxWord document12KMethods S1. The HPLC profiling of N-glycan.
tpj12087-sup-0009-SupportingInformationlegends.docxWord document18K 

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