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Figure S1. Identification of cytokinin-resistant seedlings in the soi1 (C24) × Col-0 F2 mapping population.

Figure S2. Identification of the soi1 mutation.

Figure S3. The soi1mutant has decreased sensitivity to auxin and ACC.

Figure S4. Steady state type A ARR transcript levels in ipt-161 (Col-0), axr1 and ipt-161 axr1 double mutants.

Figure S5. The axr1-3 and axr1-12 mutations suppress the ipt-161 (Col-0) phenotypes.

Figure S6. Generation and basic characterization of the FLAG–ARR5 over-expression lines.

Figure S7. Comparison of the effect of arr5-1 and arr3,4,5,6 loss of function on reversion of the axr1-3 phenotype.

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Table S1. Primers used for fine mapping.

Table S2. Primers used for AXR1 sequencing and genotyping.

Table S3. Primers used for genotyping and real-time PCR.

tpj12098-sup-0003-MethodsS1.docxWord document13KMethods S1. Additional experimental procedures.

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