tpj12100-sup-0001-FigS1.epsimage/eps2190KFigure S1. ‘Digital in situ’ leaf cell expression patterns for selected genes with vascular patterning roles and/or previously documented vascular expression.
tpj12100-sup-0002-FigS2.epsimage/eps4720KFigure S2. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) gene trap reporter lines corresponding to selected genes identified as PV/PC-specific in this study.
tpj12100-sup-0003-FigS3.epsimage/eps1873KFigure S3. Expression of vein-related genes in cells at PC/PV stage and at the subsequent differentiating vascular stage.
tpj12100-sup-0004-FigS4.epsimage/eps66809KFigure S4. Effect of brassinosteroid supplementation on keg seedling growth.
tpj12100-sup-0005-FigS5.epsimage/eps1226KFigure S5. Enrichment of brassinosteroid biosynthetic pathway among vascular-specific genes displayed in the AraCyc Omics viewer.
tpj12100-sup-0006-TableS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel2139KTable S1. Genes expressed above background in the guard cell, mesophyll cell and vascular bundle harvested from third and fourth leaves of 1–month-old Arabidopsis plants and in provascular (PV) and procambial (PC) cells from P1 and P2 leaves of 7–day-old Arabidopsis seedlings, compared with levels in Arabidopsis cell culture RNA on the same arrays. Genes (435) expressed in both PV/PC and mature vascular cells; genes (1487) expressed in PV/PC cells but not in mesophyll or guard cells.
tpj12100-sup-0007-TableS2.xlsxapplication/msexcel19KTable S2. Classes of transcription factors expressed in the vascular cells but not in the mesophyll and guard cells; list of transcription factors in these classes.
tpj12100-sup-0008-TableS3.xlsxapplication/msexcel12KTable S3. Transcription factors expressed in vascular cells but not showing a T–DNA knock-out phenotype.
tpj12100-sup-0009-TableS4.xlsxapplication/msexcel10KTable S4. Primers used for transgenic constructs for promoter-GUS expression analysis in Figures 23 and 5, and GFP localization in Figure 5.

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