tpj12111-sup-0001-Fig-S1.epsimage/eps1153KFigure S1. Growth profiles of plants used in this study, depicting growth rates relative to plant position for specific segments over time.
tpj12111-sup-0002-Fig-S2.epsimage/eps1863KFigure S2. Absolute fluorescence intensity (Īn.abs) of selected pectin-directed antibodies.
tpj12111-sup-0003-Fig-S3.epsimage/eps279KFigure S3. Relative distribution of glycan specificities in various collections of available antibodies.
tpj12111-sup-0004-Fig-S4.tifimage/tif848KFigure S4. Methodology for computation of absolute and relative intensity scores.
tpj12111-sup-0005-Table-S1.pdfapplication/PDF109KTable S1. Summary of monoclonal antibodies included in this study.
tpj12111-sup-0006-Table-S2.pdfapplication/PDF132KTable S2. Background-subtracted intensities (Ībn) for regions of interest specific to seven cell types.
tpj12111-sup-0007-Table-S3.pdfapplication/PDF122KTable S3. Normalized intensities (Īn) for regions of interest specific to seven cell types.
tpj12111-sup-0008-SupportingFigurelegends.docxWord document21K 

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