Figure S1. Detection of AtSerpin1 and RD21 fusion proteins by immmunoblot.

Figure S2. Confocal localization of 35S:GFP- AtSerpin1 and 35S:RD21-RFP and Native promoter:AtSerpin1-GFP.

Figure S3. Normalized transcript expression of AtSerpin1 and RD21.

Figure S4. Germination of Botrytis cinerea on various mutant lines.

Figure S5. Cell death induced by oxalic acid in RD21 overexpression lines RD21-1 and RD21-2.

Figure S6. Cell death of seedlings treated with full length flagellin.

tpj12141-sup-0002-MethodS1.docxWord document124KMethods S1. Details of constructs, subcellular fractionation and pathogenicity assays.

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