tpj12152-sup-0001-FigS1.jpgimage/jpg1077KFigure S1. Growth of YUC8ox and YUC9ox on 5-methyl-tryptophan-containing medium.
tpj12152-sup-0002-FigS2.jpgimage/jpg1292KFigure S2. Transient expression of YUC8 and YUC9 in Nicotiana benthamiana.
tpj12152-sup-0003-FigS3.jpgimage/jpg1278KFigure S3. YUC8 and YUC9 expression during seedling development.
tpj12152-sup-0004-FigS4.jpgimage/jpg2715KFigure S4. GUS pattern in flowers and leaves.
tpj12152-sup-0005-FigS5.jpgimage/jpg3078KFigure S5. YUC8 and YUC9 expression in siliques and ovules.
tpj12152-sup-0006-FigS6.jpgimage/jpg1876KFigure S6. Intracellular localization of YUC8- and YUC9-GFP fusion proteins.
tpj12152-sup-0007-FigS7.jpgimage/jpg802KFigure S7. GC-MS analysis of indole-3-acetic acid levels in wild type and yuc mutant seedlings.
tpj12152-sup-0008-FigS8.jpgimage/jpg2160KFigure S8. pYUC8::GUS and pYUC9::GUS lines grown on plates containing methyl jasmonate.
tpj12152-sup-0009-MethodsS1.docWord document34KMethods S1. Generation of transgenic plants.
tpj12152-sup-0010-TableS1.docWord document41KTable S1. List of primers used in this study.

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