Figure S1. Relative expression of SERK1 (SOMATIC EMBRYOGNESIS RECEPTOR KINASE 1) (a) and WUS (WUSCHEL) (b) during 14 days on induction (I) medium of somatic embryogenesis between the WT line and the GLB2 knock-out line (GLB2−/−).

Figure S2. Characterization of GLB2−/− ami1 double mutant lines produced by crossing the GLB2−/− T–DNA line and the ami1 T–DNA line (A, SALK_069970; B, CS822368).

Figure S3. Characterization of lines overexpressing MYC2 in a GLB2−/− background (GLB2−/− 35SMYC2).

tpj12181-sup-0002-TableS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel10KTable S1. List of primers used for genotyping Arabidopsis plants and for gene expression studies.
tpj12181-sup-0003-Legend.docxWord document13K 

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