tpj12198-sup-0001-FigureS1.epsimage/eps23079KFigure S1. (a) KNAT1oe seedling (line K3-8). (b) Mature KNAT1oe (K3-8) leaf. (c) KNAT2oe seedling (line K2 2-2). (d) Mature KNAT2oe (K2 2-2) leaf. (e) Nuclear DNA content/ploidy distribution profile of KNAT1oe leaf 4. Compare to Figure 1q. (f) Nuclear DNA content/ ploidy distribution profile of KNAT2oe leaf 4. Compare to Figure 1q. (g) Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of CYCD3 expression in KNAT1oe and KNAT2oe leaves (leaf number 4). (h) qRT-PCR analysis of KNAT2 expression in KNAT2oe lines K2 1-1 and K2 2-2 in seedlings induced with 60 μm DEX from germination. (i) qRT-PCR analysis of cell cycle gene expression 3 days after STMoe induction with 60 μm DEX. (j–p) additional SAM sections of WT (j), STMoe (k–m) and STMoe/CKX1oe (n–p) seedlings. Sections are from different individual seedlings. Compare to Figure 4 (a–d).
tpj12198-sup-0002-TableS1.docWord document28KTable S1. Frequency of plants showing ectopic meristem formation (+ ectopic meristems) or lacking ectopic meristem formation (- ectopic meristems). n = number of individual plants analysed.
tpj12198-sup-0003-TableS2.docWord document26KTable S2. Degree of restoration of leaf development and ectopic meristem formation in STMoe/Col-0 and STMoe/cycd3 plants.
tpj12198-sup-0004-Legends.docxWord document14K 

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