tpj12231-sup-0001-Legend.docWord document62K 
tpj12231-sup-0002-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF3707KFigure S1. Amino acid sequence alignment from taxa used in the phylogenetic analysis.
tpj12231-sup-0003-FigS2.tifimage/tif6542KFigure S2. Thermospermine synthase activity validation assays in yeast.
tpj12231-sup-0004-FigS3.tifimage/tif12199KFigure S3. Phenotypic characterization of 35S::POPACAULIS5 transgenic lines grown on auxin-containing medium.
tpj12231-sup-0005-FigS4.tifimage/tif16663KFigure S4. Light microscopy and xylem anatomical analysis of stem sections from the transgenic trees.
tpj12231-sup-0006-FigS5.tifimage/tif1211KFigure S5. Length and width of fibres and secondary xylem vessels, and frequency distribution.
tpj12231-sup-0007-FigS6.tifimage/tif6075KFigure S6. Xylem vessel type distribution in the woody stem.
tpj12231-sup-0008-FigS7.tifimage/tif12122KFigure S7. Secondary wall deposition observed by transmission electron microscopy.
tpj12231-sup-0009-FigS8.tifimage/tif19159KFigure S8. 35S promoter activity in xylem tissues observed by histochemical GUS analysis.
tpj12231-sup-0010-FigS9.tifimage/tif352KFigure S9. Time-course analysis of the response to auxin in 35S::GUS:GFP plants.
tpj12231-sup-0011-FigS10.tifimage/tif2359KFigure S10. In silico analysis of putative cis-elements present in the POPACAULIS5 gene promoter.
tpj12231-sup-0012-FigS11.tifimage/tif202KFigure S11. Extracted ion chromatogram of ions m/z 226 and m/z 254 in an extract of wild-type Populus young stem.

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