tpj12261-sup-0001-FigureS1.tifimage/tif10371KFigure S1. Phenotypes associated with the ctf7-1 and ctf7-2 homozygous mutants.
tpj12261-sup-0002-FigureS2.tiffTIFF image1503KFigure S2. Homozygous ctf7-1 and ctf7-2 pollen is not viable.
tpj12261-sup-0003-FigureS3.tifimage/tif2228KFigure S3. Chromosome pairing and segregation patterns in wild-type meiocytes.
tpj12261-sup-0004-FigureS4.tifimage/tif19759KFigure S4. Chromosomes in homozygous ctf7-1 male meiocytes exhibit defects in cohesion and chromosome fragmentation.
tpj12261-sup-0005-FigureS5.tifimage/tif19137KFigure S5. Cohesin subunit SMC3 exhibits an altered distribution pattern in homozygous ctf7-1 male meiocytes.
tpj12261-sup-0006-FigureS6.tifimage/tif8249KFigure S6. Homozygous ctf7-1 seedlings exhibit reduced DNA repair efficiency.
tpj12261-sup-0007-TableS1.docWord document81KTable S1. Primers used in this paper.
tpj12261-sup-0008-MethodsS1-S2.docWord document30K

Data S1. Fluorescence in situ hybridization in meiotic chromosomes.

Data S2. DNA comet assay.

tpj12261-sup-0009-FigureLegends.docWord document42K 

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