Figure S1. Isolation of ozs mutants.

Figure S2. Dose-dependent Zn2+ hypersensitivity of ozs1.

Figure S3. The ozs1 phenotype is caused by a mutation in AtMTP1.

Figure S4. Hypersensitivity of ozs2 towards Zn2+ is highly specific.

Figure S5. Zn accumulation of wild-type Col-0 and ozs2 mutant seedlings.

Figure S6. Semi-dominance of the ozs2 Zn2+-hypersensitivity phenotype.

Figure S7. Characterization of the atpme3 T-DNA insertion line 002A10 (GABI-Kat).

Figure S8. AtPME3-overexpressing lines are specifically Zn2+ hypersensitive.

Figure S9. Total pectin methylesterase activity in AtPME3 overexpressers and T-DNA insertion lines.

Figure S10. Ca2+ suppresses the Zn2+-hypersensitivity phenotype caused by overexpression of AtPME3.

Figure S11. Pectin staining of Col-0 and ozs2 roots with monoclonal antibodies JIM7 and CCRC M38.

Figure S12. Root ultrastructure of ozs2 displays no difference from Col-0 wild type.

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Table S1. Cell wall thickness of the different Col-0 and ozs2 root cell types.

Table S2. Primers used.

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