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Figure S1. Sequence logos of retrieved elements and their TSDs.

Figure S2. Nucleotide density of novel insertion sites.

Figure S3. Sequence logos from all 3′ and 5′ flanking sequences surrounding Au SINE.

Figure S4. Association of Au SINE with annotated genes.

Figure S5. Retrotransposition of Au SINE in newly formed allohexaploid wheat.

Figure S6. Spikes from parental species and their newly formed polyploid offspring.

Figure S7. Examples of site-specific PCR for Au SINE retrotransposition sites on natural diploid and tetraploid species.

Figure S8. Site-specific PCR for Au SINE retrotransposition sites on natural hexaploid species.

Figure S9. Site-specific PCR for novel retrotranspositions in natural T. aestivum.

Figure S10. Au SINE retrotransposition events in two independent crosses of the newly formed polyploid.

Figure S11. Transposon display of Au SINE in natural and synthetic polyploids.

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Table S1. Wheat accessions used in the study.

Table S2. Primer sequences and expected product sizes for all Au SINE sites used in the study.

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