• apical F-actin;
  • NtPPME1;
  • cell wall;
  • wortmannin;
  • exocytosis;
  • endocytosis


In tip-confined growing pollen tubes, delivery of newly synthesized cell wall materials to the rapidly expanding apical surface requires spatial organization and temporal regulation of the apical F-actin filament and exocytosis. In this study, we demonstrate that apical F-actin is essential for the rigidity and construction of the pollen tube cell wall by regulating exocytosis of Nicotiana tabacum pectin methylesterase (NtPPME1). Wortmannin disrupts the spatial organization of apical F-actin in the pollen tube tip and inhibits polar targeting of NtPPME1, which subsequently alters the rigidity and pectic composition of the pollen tube cell wall, finally causing growth arrest of the pollen tube. In addition to mechanistically linking cell wall construction and apical F-actin, wortmannin can be used as a useful tool for studying endomembrane trafficking and cytoskeletal organization in pollen tubes.