Figure S1. Impact of Sl-ERF.B3 up- and down-regulation on vegetative growth.

Figure S2. Transcript accumulation of the chimeric ERF.B3-SRDX and the endogenous ERF.B3 genes in transgenic lines.

Figure S3. Triple response phenotype of Sl-ERF.B3 over-expression lines.

Figure S4. Altered leaf morphology in ERF.B3-SRDX plants.

Figure S5. Phenotypes of reproductive organs.

Figure S6. ERF.B3 and ERF.B3-SRDX are unable to modulate the transcriptional activity of Sl-EIL promoters in a protoplast transactivation assay.

tpj12305-sup-0002-TableS1-S4.docxWord document27KTable S1. Putative ERF binding cis-elements present in the promoter regions of ethylene receptors and ethylene biosynthesis genes.Table S2. Putative cis-acting ethylene-response elements present in the promoter regions of Sl-ERF genes.Table S3. List of the primers used in the study.Table S4. Gene names used in the study and corresponding gene ID.
tpj12305-sup-0003-Supplementary-legends.docxWord document17K 

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