Figure S1. Confocal images of subcellular localization of LOS2 and AtMBP-1 in 35S::LOS2-YFP and 35S::AtMBP-1-YFP transgenic plants.

Figure S2. Assay of enolase activity of LOS2 and AtMBP-1 expressed in E. coli.

Figure S3. Phenotypes of 5 week old WT, 35S::AtMBP-1-YFP, and 35S::LOS2-YFP overexpressing plants.

Figure S4. Assay of germination for seeds from 35S::mLOS2 transgenic plants.

Figure S5. qRT-PCR was performed to monitor gene expression which is involved in ABA signaling pathway.

Figure S6. The expression of SnRK2s and AFPs in WT and 35S::AtMBP-1 transgenic plant germinated without or with 0.2 µM ABA.

Figure S7. Expression of STZ/ZAT10 in 2-week-old WT and 35S::AtMBP-1 transgenic plants in response to chilling (4°C) treatment.

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