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Figure S1. PCR marker for GENE1.

Figure S2. PCR marker for PCS1.

Figure S3. PCR marker for CYB5.

Figure S4. PCR marker for AGLG1.

Figure S5. PCR marker for vrn-A1a.

Figure S6. PCR marker for CYS1.

Figure S7. PCR marker for PHY1.

Figure S8. PCR marker for OPT1.

Figure S9. PCR marker for CDO708.

Figure S10. Comparison of gene expression levels of three candidate genes for QVrd.osu-5A in Jagger versus 2174.

Figure S11. Mapping of TaHOX1.

Figure S12. Location of a point mutation in TaHOX1.

Figure S13. Copy number of TaVRN-A1.

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Table S1. Progeny test of critical recombinant plants for heading date.

Table S2. List of primers used for gene expression.

Table S3. List of primers used for protein expression.

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