Figure S1. PDF2 and ATML1 transcript levels in pdf2-2 and atml1-3 seedlings.

Figure S2. Seed phenotypes in pdf2-2 mutants additionally heterozygous for atml1-3.

Figure S3. Inflorescence and seedling phenotypes in acr4-2 pdf2-2 mutant plants.

Figure S4. ACR4 promoter analysis.

Figure S5. Phenotypes of pPDF1:FLAG-PDF2 and pPDF1:GFP-ATML1 transgenic lines.

Figure S6. A negative feedback model for epidermal identity in embryos gives a bistable switch.

Figure S7. Phenotypes of acr4-2 gso1-1 gso2-1 and ale1-4 pdf-2 mutants.

Figure S8. Quantitative PCR analysis of the expression levels of PDF2, ATML1 and ACR4 in Col-0 and ale1-4 and gso1-1 gso2-1 mutant plants.

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