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Figure S1. rh57 mutants exhibit hypersensitivity to Glc during germination.

Figure S2. Inhibitory effects of Glc on hypocotyl length of rh57 in the dark.

Figure S3.Characterization of Arabidopsis rh57 mutants.

Figure S4. AtRH57 transcript expression during seed development.

Figure S5. Alignment of AtRH57 with related DEAD-box RNA helicases of other species.

Figure S6. Identification of AtRH57 as a member of Class II DEAD-box RNA helicases.

Figure S7. Alteration of glucose (Glc)-responsive, ABA biosynthesis and signaling gene expression in rh57 mutants in the presence and absence of 4.5% Glc for 9 days.

Figure S8. Induction of AtRH57 transcript expression in Arabidopsis thaliana under ABA, high Glc and NaCl conditions.

Figure S9. Relative abundance of the 40S and 60S subunits.

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Table S1. Sequences of the gene-specific primers used in the experiments.

Table S2. Density quantitation of ribosomes and pre-rRNA precursors on RNA blots.

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