tpj12519-sup-0001-FigureS1.docxWord document608KFigure S1. Southern hybridization reveals abundance, organization in tandem arrays and cytosine methylation of Tantalos, Dione and Niobe satellites in the genome of sugar beet.
tpj12519-sup-0002-FigureS2.jpgimage/jpg11859KFigure S2. Relative position of adjacent monomers of individual arrays in dendrograms.
tpj12519-sup-0003-TableS1-S3.docxWord document35K

Table S1. Adjacent Tantalos and Dione monomers organized in individual tandem arrays.

Table S2. DNA methyltransferases and Polymerase IV and V in sugar beet.

Table S3. Primer sequences for bisulfite sequencing.

tpj12519-sup-0004-AppendixS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel262KAppendix S1. Statistical analysis of bisulfite sequencing of satellite DNAs.
tpj12519-sup-0005-DataS1-S29.docxWord document16K

Data S1. Alignment of full-length Tantalos monomers (fasta-file).

Data S2. Alignment of full-length Dione monomers (fasta-file).

Data S3. Alignment of full-length Niobe monomers (fasta-file).

Data S4. Alignment of bisulfite-sequenced Tantalos forward sequences (fasta-file).

Data S5. Alignment of bisulfite-sequenced Tantalos reverse sequences (fasta-file).

Data S6. Alignment of bisulfite-sequenced Dione forward sequences (fasta-file).

Data S7. Alignment of bisulfite-sequenced Dione reverse sequences (fasta-file).

Data S8. Alignment of bisulfite-sequenced Niobe forward sequences (fasta-file).

Data S9. Alignment of bisulfite-sequenced Niobe reverse sequences (fasta-file).

Data S10. List of bisulfite-sequenced Tantalos multimers (fasta-file).

Data S11. List of bisulfite-sequenced Dione multimers (fasta-file).

Data S12. List of bisulfite-sequenced Niobe multimers (fasta-file).

Data S13. List of transcripts of Tantalos from leaves (fasta-file).

Data S14. List of transcripts of Tantalos from inflorescences (fasta-file).

Data S15. List of transcripts of Dione from leaves (fasta-file).

Data S16. List of transcripts of Dione from inflorescences (fasta-file).

Data S17. List of transcripts of Niobe from inflorescences (fasta-file).

Data S18. List of transcripts of pBV from leaves (fasta-file).

Data S19. List of transcripts of pBV from inflorescences (fasta-file).

Data S20. List of transcripts of pEV from leaves (fasta-file).

Data S21. List of transcripts of pEV from inflorescences (fasta-file).

Data S22. List of transcripts of partial H3 from leaves (fasta-file).

Data S23. List of transcripts of partial H3 from inflorescences (fasta-file).

Data S24. List of sRNAs of Tantalos (fasta-file).

Data S25. List of sRNAs of Dione (fasta-file).

Data S26. List of sRNAs of Niobe (fasta-file).

Data S27. List of sRNAs of pBV (fasta-file).

Data S28. List of sRNAs of pEV (fasta-file).

Data S29. DNA methyltransferase and Pol IV and V genes in sugar beet (fasta-file).

tpj12519-sup-0006-MovieS1.avivideo/avi1800KMovie S1. Super high-resolution movie of one Dione array (red) and distribution of 5-methylcytosine (green) along one sugar beet pachytene chromosome (blue).
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