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Figure S1. The low recombining peri-centromeric (LR-PC) region of barley.

Figure S2. Selection of highly diverse H. spontaneum lines from the World Barley Diversity Collection by principal coordinate analysis of high throughput SNP marker data.

Figure S3. Diversity and recombination statistics for barley chromosomes.

Figure S4. Developmental and tissue-specific RNA expression levels are independent of LR-PC region residency.

Figure S5. πa and πs statistics among 14 diverse lines across the H. spontaneum genome.

Figure S6. Identification of WGD-derived paralogous regions in the barley genome by visualization of BLAST data.

Figure S7. Using synteny conservation between barley and Brachypodium to order the barley genome.

Figure S8. Acquisition of synteny-supported barley genes using Brachypodium conserved synteny – Chromosome B3H as an example.

Figure S9. Barley paralogy plots for genes sharing conserved synteny with Brachypodium.

Figure S10. Selection of high-confidence, WGD-derived barley paralog pairs.

Figure S11. Nucleotide substitution data for barley ohnologs.

Figure S12. Local gene duplication densities along barley chromosomes.

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Table S1. Genetic map locations and mapped gene contents for LR regions of the barley genome.

Table S2. H. spontaneum gene diversity and selection statistics.

Table S3. Barley ohnolog gene pairs.

Table S4. Gene ontology terms enriched in barley ohnologs.

Table S5. Analysis of ohnolog gene expression bias by ohnolog region.

Table S6. Distributions of ohnologs and ohnolog pairs for Brachypodium and rice by genome compartment.

Table S10. Shared synteny blocks between Brachypodium and barley genomes.

tpj12600-sup-0003-TableS7.xlsxapplication/msexcel387KTable S7. Brachypodium ohnolog MCScanX data.
tpj12600-sup-0004-TableS8.xlsxapplication/msexcel922KTable S8. Rice ohnolog MCScanX data.
tpj12600-sup-0005-TableS9.xlsxapplication/msexcel10906KTable S9. RNA-seq data, with gene assignations and map positions.
tpj12600-sup-0006-AppendixS1.docxWord document100KAppendix S1. MCScanX analysis.
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