Figure S1. Detailed views of the IGIS hardware.

Figure S2. Identification of seedlings having growth retardation due, for example, to a delay in germination by automated plotting of rosette growth measurements of individual plants.

Figure S3. Diurnal changes in compactness.

Figure S4. Mean RGR and mean absolute deviation of RCC (MAD RCC) for Col–0 plants grown under various environmental conditions.

Figure S5. Images of Col–0 plants grown under various environmental conditions.

Figure S6. PRA relative to the wild type and individual leaf area of transgenic and wild-type plants grown on MS medium for 19 days.

Figure S7. Images of wild-type, 35S::ami-ppd and da1–1 rosettes at 19 DAS.

Figure S8. MAD of the RCC for da1–1, 35S::GFP-SAUR19, 35S::GRF5 and 35S::ami-ppd plants relative to the wild type.


Movie S1. Movie created by combining all images of a specific Petri dish, allowing visualization of the development and growth of the plants.

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