tra12041-sup-0001-Figure S1.docWord document213KFigure S1: ER resident proteins containing H/KDEL retrieval sequences. Biological functions of proteins depicted include ER translocation, protein folding and maturation, ERAD, COP II vesicle budding, anterograde and retrograde transport, disulfide bond formation and N- and O-linked glycosylation. As noted in Table 1, Sil1p contains an RDEL retrieval sequence.
tra12041-sup-0002-Movie S1.movapplication/unknown176K Video S1: Investigation of BiP-FP spatial heterogeneity using FRAP. ROI (red circle) was selected due to the formation of intracellular gradients, or clusters, of BiP-FP. The ROI was localized near the cell periphery and photobleached to attain <55% total fluorescence (488 nm excitation) following the first three images of a time series. Fluorescence of the ROI is recovered (tfinal ∼ 6.5 min). Scale bar is 2 µm.
tra12041-sup-0003-Table S1.docWord document82KTable S1: Characteristics of cassettes with ER retrieval motifs and implementation of molecular engineering designs.
tra12041-sup-0004-Table S2.docWord document43KTable S2: Catalog of pCY H/KDEL plasmids classified systematically by C-terminal tags, retrieval motifs and selection markers.
tra12041-sup-0005-Table S3.docWord document44KTable S3: PCR primer and oligonucleotide sequences.

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