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Michael S. Marks, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mark C.P. Marsh, London, UK

Trina A. Schroer, Baltimore, MD, USA

Tom H. Stevens, Eugene, OR, USA

Managing Editor

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Lisa A. Hannan, Ph.D.

1042 N. El Camino Real Ste B-313

Encinitas, CA 92024

phone: +1 (760) 652 5804

fax: +1 (760) 683 3227

Associate Editors

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Bruno Goud, Paris, France

Sergio Grinstein, Ontario, Canada

Chris Hawes, Oxford, UK

Robert G. Parton, Queensland, Australia

Dominique Soldati-Favre, Geneva, Switzerland

Alexander Sorkin, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Murray Stewart, Cambridge, UK

Mark von Zastrow, San Francisco, CA, USA

Editorial Board

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Viki Allan, Manchester, UK

Gerard Apodaca, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Charles Barlowe, Hanover, NH, USA

Janice S. Blum, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Frances Brodsky, San Francisco, CA, USA

Nia Bryant, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Christopher Burd, New Haven, CT, USA

Brian Burke, Singapore

Jim Casanova, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Elizabeth Conibear, Vancouver, Canada

Anita Corbett, Atlanta, GA, USA

Peter Cresswell, New Haven, CT, USA

Esteban Dell'Angelica, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Julie G. Donaldson, Bethesda, MD, USA

Rainer Duden, Lübeck, Germany

Victor Faundez, Atlanta, GA, USA

Mark C. Field, Cambridge, UK

Reid Gilmore, Worcester, MA, USA

Benjamin S. Glick, Chicago, IL, USA

Gisou van der Goot, Lausanne, Switzerland

Barth D. Grant, Piscataway, NJ, USA

Jean E. Gruenberg, Geneva, Switzerland

Ted Hackstadt, Hamilton, MT, USA

Kentaro Hanada, Tokyo, Japan

Chris Hawes, Oxford, UK

Stephen High, Manchester, United Kingdom

Nobutaka Hirokawa, Tokyo, Japan

Wanjin Hong, Singapore

David E. James, Sydney, Australia

Ludger Johannes, Paris, France

Judith Klumperman, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Akihiro Kusumi, Kyoto, Japan

Martin Lowe, Manchester, UK

Alberto Luini, Naples, Italy

J. Paul Luzio, Cambridge, UK

Carolyn E. Machamer, Baltimore, MD, USA

Thomas F.J. Martin, Madison, WI, USA

Frederick R. Maxfield, New York, NY, USA

Satyajit Mayor, Bangalore, India

Marta Miaczynska, Warsaw, Poland

Mary Munson, Worcester, MA, USA

Christopher Nicchitta, Durham, NC, USA

Jodi J. Nunnari, Davis, CA, USA

Hiroshi Ohno, Kanazawa, Japan

Gregory S. Payne, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Lucy F. Pemberton, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Robert C. Piper, Iowa City, IA, USA

Rosa Puertollano, Bethesda, MD, USA

Graça Raposo, Paris, France

Margaret S. Robinson, Cambridge, UK

Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan, New York, NY, USA

Michael G. Roth, Dallas, TX, USA

David G. Russell, Ithaca, NY, USA

Giampietro Schiavo, London, UK

Matthew Seaman, Cambridge, UK

Kai Simons, Dresden, Germany

Beate Sodeik, Hannover, Germany

Olivia Steele-Mortimer, Hamilton, MT, USA

Harald Stenmark, Oslo, Norway

David Stephens, Bristol, UK

Jennifer L. Stow, Brisbane, Australia

Stanley R. Terlecky, Detroit, MI, USA

Sharon A. Tooze, London, UK

Linton Traub, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Sylvie Urbe, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Roberto Weigert, Bethesda, MD, USA

Ora A. Weisz, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Beverly Wendland, Baltimore, MD, USA

Susan R. Wente, Nashville, TN, USA

Alpha Yap, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Marino Zerial, Dresden, Germany

Aim and Scope

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Traffic encourages and facilitates the publication of papers covering the cell biology of intracellular transport in health and disease. Areas of interest include protein, nucleic acid and lipid traffic, molecular motors, intracellular pathogens, intracellular proteolysis, nuclear import and export, cytokinesis and the cell cycle, protein translocation, antigen processing and presentation, organelle biogenesis, cell polarity and organization, and organelle movement.

All aspects of the structural, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, morphology, intracellular signaling and relationship to hereditary or infectious diseases will be covered. Manuscripts must provide a clear conceptual or mechanistic advance. The editors will reject papers that require major changes, including addition of significant experimental data or other significant revision.

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