tra12120-sup-0001-FigS1.jpgJPEG image526KFigure S1: Supporting Data: A) Samples derived from cell lysates of a wild-type strain, a pex18Δ strain as well as a wild-type expressing a plasmid-encoded myc-Pex18p species were analyzed with Pex18p-antibody in order to display the amounts of endogenous Pex18p and myc-Pex18p. B) Lysates derived from cells expressing different RING-peroxin species were analyzed in order to compare the cellular amounts of mutated and non-mutated RING-protein. Pex2p-species could not be visualized due to a lack of specific antibodies. The amounts of Pex10p were similar to Pex10p(C301S) and Pex12p to Pex12p(C354S). Loading controls include Pex14p-TPA and porin.

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