Fig. S1. Zeta potential, mV (ζ): sedimentation ratio (ζ/SR) of RBC-HESPAN suspensions. The effect of HES concentration (g/dL) on the Zeta potential::sedimentation ratio (ζ/SR) of RBC-HESPAN suspensions (filled in squares) and the viscosity corrected values (filled in triangles). Coefficient of variation of 10%. Reproduced with permission from Corry et al.29


Fig. S2. Fluorescence imaging of cells treated (37°C, 30 min) Vibrio cholera neuraminidase (VCN) [EC]-conjugated with FITC, washed x4. Residual neuraminidase-FITC remains adsorbed on the cell periphery: Top panels: Left: Lymphocytes-Neuraminidase-FITC. Right: Melanoma cells Neuraminidase-FITC. (Courtesy of Professor HH Sedlacek). Middle row: Panel 1: fluorescently labeled P particles in cells. Panel 2: Fluorescently labeled Dextran Derivatised (DD) Particles of immortalised primary human fibroblasts (Infinity™ Telomerase -hTERT-BJ1). Reproduced with permission from Berry et al.49 particles. Fluorescent images indicating particle uptake. Bottom row: Representative confocal 3D projections of PC12 cell with magnetic nanoparticles MNP internalized. Image rotation is shown from left (frontal) to right (side view). Green fluorescent MNPs rotated in correlation to the nucleus and cell bodies. Additionally, MNPs were coplanar to the cell bodies indicating real uptake of MNPs in the cells. Bar represents 25 μm. Reproduced with permission from Pinkerenelle et al.53

Fig. S3. Left: Scanning electron microscope image of magnetic particles taken up by “immortalised primary human fibroblasts (Infinity Telomerase -hTERT-BJ1, Clonetech Laboratories, Inc., USA).” Arrows denote membrane disruptions. Reproduced with permission from Berry et al.49 Right: TEM images of Miltenyi nanoparticles after 72 hours incubation trapped inside the cells. Also see the video clip:Confocal, isosurface, confocal and TEM images reveal Miltenyi nanoparticles gradual internalization into human CD3+ T cells and accumulation in the cell vesicles (after 72 hr). With permission.54

Appendix S1. Video clip voice over text. Internalization of Miltenyi iron containing magnetic 50-nm particles into human CD3+ T cells and their accumulation. (Incorporation et accumulation intracellulaire de microbilles Miltenyi MicroBeads dans des lymphocytes T humains).

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