Comprehensive and accurate detection of human platelet antigens (HPAs) plays a significant role in diagnosis and prevention of the platelet (PLT) alloimmune syndromes and ensuring clinical safety of patients undergoing PLT transfusion. The majority of the available methods are incapable of performing high-throughput simultaneous detection of HPA-1 to -16, and the accuracy of many methods needs to be further enhanced.

Study Design and Methods

We have developed a new HPA-genotyping method for simultaneous detection of HPA-1 to -16 based on suspension array technology. A total of 216 samples from Chinese Han donors in Xi'an were genotyped using the developed method, and all the samples again were genotyped using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) sequence-based typing (PCR-SBT), which is considered the gold standard.


All 216 samples were successfully genotyped for HPA-1 to -16 using both our method and PCR-SBT. Results showed that the genotype and allele frequencies obtained using our method were fully consistent with those obtained using PCR-SBT.


Our method provides accurate, high-throughput, and simultaneous genotyping of HPA-1 to -16 and will serve as the foundation for large-scale clinical genotyping of HPAs and for the establishment of an HPA-typed PLT donor registry.