Fig. S1. Serial values for key hemolysis parameters, blood Hb (A), blood reticulocytes (B) and plasma bilirubin (C). X-axis indicates days after birth. Arrows indicate admission to hospital (black) and transfusion (red). See text for details. Lower normal values for blood Hb: 9 mmol/L (day 0-14), 7 mmol/L (day 15-30) and 6 mmol/L (day 31-60). Highest normal value for blood reticulocytes: 90 × 109/L. Higher normal values for plasma bilirubin: 70 umol/L (day 0-1), 130 umol/L (day 1-2), 175 umol/L (day 2-3), 200 umol/L (day 3-7), 150 umol/L (day 7-30), 20 umol/L (>day 30).


Fig. S2. The sequencing electrophorogram of RHD mRNA. Part of exon 9 from RHD mRNA is shown for the patient and the father and compare to the sequence of RHCE (NM_020485) and weak D type 41 (AY756316). The codon position 386 corresponds to nt 1156 (according to NM_016124).

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