Fig. S1. Storage properties of CD-1 RBCs. Fresh blood from 20 CD-1 mice was collected in 14% CPDA-1. A sample was obtained pre- and post-leukoreduction and the number of white blood cells enumerated by flow cytometry using the BD Leucocount Residual White Blood Cell Enumeration Kit (BD Biosciences) by following the manufacturer's instructions. (A) Flow plots obtained pre- and post-leukoreduction counting 20,000 events in gate P2 (depicted), which represents leucocount beads, shows that leukoreduction leads to a greater than 3-log10 decrease in the number of white blood cells enumerated in R3 (white blood cell gate, depicted), from 2810 white blood cells/μL to 0.15 white blood cells/μL. (B) After two weeks of storage, 12 recipient CD-1 mice were transfused with stored RBCs and the recovery of transfused RBCs was calculated by dual-label flow cytometric tracking at 10 min, 30 min, 1-hr, 2-hr, and 24-hr after transfusion. The results are from one representative experiment and are presented as mean ± s.d. The post-transfusion 24-hr recovery of fresh RBCs is ∼100% (not shown).

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