Imports, Exports and the Firm Product Scope: Evidence From Turkey


  • The data used in this work are from the Foreign Trada Data, the Annual Business Statistics and the Production Surveys provided by Turkish Statistical Office (Turkstat). All elaborations have been conducted at the Microdata Research Centre of Turkstat under the respect of the law on the statistic secret and the personal data protection. The results and the opinions expressed in this paper are exclusive responsibility of the authors and, by no means, represent official statistics. We are grateful to TurkStat staff from foreign trade statistics and dissemination departments for their help.


By exploiting an original firm-product level dataset for Turkish manufacturing, -way trading on firm product scope and innovation in a multiple treatment setting. Our evidence points at the prominent role of exporting, while no effect is found for importing only. Nonetheless, we corroborate existing evidence on the virtuous nexus between the two international activities and add to the literature by showing that joint firm involvement in exporting and importing fosters product innovation and quality upgrading.