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Glaucoma associated with uveal cysts and goniodysgenesis in American Bulldogs: a case series


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We present a series of three American Bulldogs with clinical signs of glaucoma and intraocular inflammation accompanied by bilateral uveal cysts and abnormal gonioscopic findings. All dogs proved refractory to medical management and were enucleated. Histopathologic findings were similar in all three and included significant preiridal fibrovascular membranes and mononuclear inflammatory infiltrates in the anterior uvea. On microscopic evaluation, cysts appeared to arise primarily from the ciliary body and iridociliary sulcus, with smaller cysts also budding from the posterior iris. Pigment dispersion was variable but consistent, involving deposition of a small number of pigment-laden cells in the dependent trabecular meshwork. Cataract formation was not noted. Glaucoma associated with uveal cysts has been described previously in Golden Retrievers and Great Danes, although clinical and histopathologic findings in those breeds are not identical to those described here. American Bulldogs with uveal cysts should have gonioscopy performed and should be monitored carefully for signs of increased intraocular pressure and intraocular inflammation. Furthermore, documentation of cyst-associated glaucoma in a third breed suggests clinicians should exercise caution in dismissing uveal cysts in dogs as incidental findings.