Ocular histiocytic sarcoma in a cat



A 13-year-old male neutered British blue cat presented with uveitis, hyphema, and dyscoria in the right eye. Light microscopic examination revealed that the ciliary body, iris root, drainage angle, and adjacent choroid were infiltrated by sheets of large neoplastic mononuclear and multinucleate round to polygonal cells. Neoplastic cells stained immunopositive for CD18 and HLA-DR (MHC class II) and were immunonegative for CD3, CD79a, MUM-1, CD117 (c-Kit), and S100. These findings were consistent with a histiocytic sarcoma. The cat later developed multiple cutaneous masses composed of a similar neoplastic cell population to that seen in the eye. Eight months following enucleation, the cat developed respiratory distress and was euthanized. Postmortem examination revealed multiple pulmonary tumors associated with a pleural effusion.