Surgical correction of congenital entropion in related Boer goat kids using a combination Hotz-Celsus and lateral eyelid wedge resection procedure



Five related Boer goat kids (≤4 months of age) were presented to the University of Missouri, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (MU-VMTH) with epiphora and blepharospasm of several weeks duration and commencing prior to 1 month of age in all animals. Clinical examination confirmed euryblepharon and entropion bilaterally in two females and one male and unilaterally in two female kids. Deep stromal corneal ulceration was present in two eyes, and corneal granulation tissue and fibrosis were present in half (5/10) the affected eyes. A combination Hotz-Celsus and lateral eyelid wedge resection procedure was performed on all affected eyelids. Recheck examinations and long-term follow-up confirmed resolution of the entropion, preservation of normal eyelid conformation, and restoration of ocular comfort. Pedigree analysis ruled out sex-linked and autosomal dominant inheritance patterns; a specific mode of inheritance could not be determined. The Boer goat breed may be at increased risk for the development of entropion. This cases series represents the first report of entropion in the caprine species.