• Ultrasonography;
  • pseudodiverticulum;
  • muscular hypertrophy;
  • ileal hypertrophy

A 14-year-old Thoroughbred gelding was presented for chronic colic and weight loss. Transcutaneous and transrectal abdominal ultrasonography revealed distended, thickened small intestine with primary thickening of the muscularis and a focally more thickened loop with an echoic structure crossing the wall from the mucosa to the serosa. Visualization of diffuse thickening of the muscularis (muscular hypertrophy of the small intestine) and a focal lesion (pseudodiverticulum) helped clinicians make informed decisions. This case illustrates the importance of transabdominal and transrectal ultrasonography in horses with chronic colic and the relevance of considering the abnormalities in layering pattern of the intestinal wall.