Improving sachet water quality – does Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points apply?



Sachet water is growing in importance as a source of drinking water for many people in Nigeria. In recent years, doubts over the quality of sachet water have grown. Commentators often cite poor distribution and storage practice for contamination of sachets. However, the integrity of the production process has been shown to be a weakness but has not received attention from the regulator or producers because of a lack of proper regulation of the industry. This study implemented the hazards analysis and critical control points (HACCP) framework in eight sachet water factories in Ibadan, Nigeria. The objective was to test HACCP's viability as a proactive management tool for improving sachet water quality. The findings show that HACCP can be adopted within the sachet water industry. However, the implementation of HACCP requires both technical and behavioural changes within the production process.