wre12052-sup-0001-AppendixS1.xlsapplication/msexcel34KAppendix S1 Proportion of S. faberi and A. theophrasti seeds colonised by fungi by year before burial.
wre12052-sup-0002-AppendixS2.xlsapplication/msexcel34KAppendix S2 Proportion of recovered S. faberi and A. theophrasti seeds, from the 3-year experiment, colonised by fungi and Oomycetes by burial depth.
wre12052-sup-0003-AppendixS3.xlsapplication/msexcel43KAppendix S3 Proportion of S. faberi surface sterilised seeds colonised by fungi by rotation. Seeds were exhumed from soil after 26 weeks and surface sterilised before being placed in growth media.
wre12052-sup-0004-AppendixS4.xlsapplication/msexcel28KAppendix S4 Proportion of germinated, decayed and dormant S. faberi and A. theophrasti seeds recovered in 2010 from the seed lots evaluation experiment. Results are presented by depth within rotation by year.
wre12052-sup-0005-AppendixS5.xlsapplication/msexcel36KAppendix S5 Proportion of S. faberi and A. theophrasti seeds that germinated in the saturated salt accelerated ageing test performed to determine intrinsic differences among seed lots.

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