Figure S1. Representative MS/MS spectrum of peptide 132VVAGVANALAHR 143 from hemoglobin subunit beta (bovine). The scan sequence of the mass spectrometer was based on the TopTen method; the analysis was programmed for a full scan recorded between 350–2000 Da, and a MS/MS scan to generate product ion spectra to determine amino acid sequence in consecutive instrument scans of the ten most abundant peak in the spectrum. Protein identifications were checked manually and proteins with a Mascot score of 50 or higher with a minimum of two unique peptides from one protein having a -b or -y ion sequence tag of five residues or better were accepted.


Figure S2. Experiment design. (A) Four sets with 8 excisional 3 mm punch wounds in each set were created on each side of the back of pigs (n = 4). One set of 8 wounds were collected at specified time points (days 3–21) postwounding. (B) Wounds on one side of the back were either treated with a modified collagen gel (MCG), followed by covering with Tegaderm (TD) or TD alone (control, contralateral side).

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