zsc12010-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfPDF document276KFig. S1. RaXML tree for the 18S rRNA data set. LEC taxa (non-monophyletic) are indicated in the grey area. Measures of support are written above or below branches or to the right of nodes or of a bracket enclosing the relevant taxa. The first number in each triplet is the maximum-likelihood bootstrap support percentage, the second is the Bayesian posterior probability and the third is the maximum parsimony bootstrap support percentage. Values not greater than 50% (bootstrap) or 0.50 (posterior probability) are replaced by dashes. In the MP analysis, there is bootstrap support of 62% for resolving Erodona mactroides as the sister group of all other Myoidea and 61% for showing the two species of Mya as the sister group of Vokesula limatula + Notococorbula hydropica.
zsc12010-sup-0002-TableS1-S2.docxWord document18K

Table S1. Genes and gene fragments with their associated primer pairs, annealing temperatures, individual primers and primer sequences.

Table S2. Corbulid and outgroup sequences used in this study obtained from GenBank, with their associated rRNA gene, family placement and GenBank accession numbers. Note that the identification of Notocorbula coxi is potentially incorrect.

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