Microdosimetric intercomparison of BNCT beams at BNL and MIT



Microdosimetric measurements have been performed at the clinical beam intensities in two epithermal neutron beams, the Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor and the M67 beam at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Reactor, which have been used to treat patients with Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT). These measurements offer an independent assessment of the dosimetry used at these two facilities, as well as provide information about the radiation quality not obtainable from conventional macrodosimetric techniques. Moreover, they provide a direct measurement of the absorbed dose resulting from the BNC reaction. BNC absorbed doses measured within this study are approximately 15% lower than those estimated using foil activation at both MIT and BNL. Finally, an intercomparison of the characteristics and radiation quality of these two clinical beams is presented. The techniques described here allow an accurate quantitative comparison of the physical absorbed dose as well as a measure of the biological effectiveness of the absorbed dose delivered by different epithermal beams. No statistically significant differences were observed in the predicted RBEs of these two beams. The methodology presented here can help to facilitate the effective sharing of clinical results in an effort to demonstrate the clinical utility of BNCT.