SU-E-J-101: Retroactive Calculation of TLD and Film Dose in Anthropomorphic Phantom as Assessment of Updated TPS Performance




To demonstrate a quick and comprehensive method verifying the accuracy of the updated dose model by recalculating dose distribution in an anthropomorphic phantom with a new version of the TPS and comparing the results to measured values.


CT images and IMRT plan of an RPC anthropomorphic head phantom, previously calculated by Pinnacle 9.0, was re-computed using Pinnacle 9.2 and 9.6. The dosimeters within the phantom include four TLD capsules representing a primary PTV, two TLD capsules representing a secondary PTV, and two TLD capsules representing an organ at risk. Also included were three sheets of Gafchromic film. Performance of the updated TPS version was assessed by recalculating point doses and dose profiles corresponding to TLD and film position respectively and then comparing the results to reported values by the RPC.


Comparing calculated doses to reported measured doses from the RPC yielded an average disagreement of 1.48%, 2.04% and 2.10% for versions 9.0, 9.2, 9.6 respectively. Computed doses points all meet the RPC's passing criteria with the exception of the point representing the superior organ at risk in version 9.6. However, qualitative analysis of the recalculated dose profiles showed improved agreement with those of the RPC, especially in the penumbra region.


This work has demonstrated the calculation results of Pinnacle 9.2 and 9.6 vs 9.0 version. Additionally, this study illustrates a method for the user to gain confidence upgrade to a newer version of the treatment planning system.