MO-E-19A-01: Preparing for the ABR Therapy Medical Physics Exam



Adequate and efficient preparation for the Diagnostic Medical Physics ABR exam is key to successfully obtaining this important professional certification.

Each part of the board exam presents its own difficulties:

Part I: Determining what material to study and how to efficiently review it, most of which might have been learned a long time ago.

Part II: Understanding how all types of imaging devices work, how their techniques affect images, and the doses delivered by them.

Part III: Gaining crucial clinical experiences and being able to explain orally how they are performed and what they mean.

All three require different skill sets and preparation, from memorizing vast amounts of material, to rapidly recognizing and solving calculations, to being able to easily and confidently respond to oral questions about all aspects of working in the clinic and why those clinical methods and procedures are performed that way. This symposium is not a comprehensive review of all required study material. Instead it focuses on the previously mentioned problems and required skill sets that are needed for each part of the board exam. Medical Physicists who have recently completed each of the different exam sections will share their experiences and preparation methods to help attendees best prepare for the challenges of each individual exam.

In accordance with ABR exam security policy, no recalls or exam questions will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.How to Prepare for Part 1 by determining study material
  • 2.How to Prepare for Part 2 by learning to solve clinical calculations rapidly
  • 3.How to Prepare for Part 3 by determining critical clinical experiences and learning how to answer questions orally