TU-C-16A-01: Joint AAPM/SEFM/AMPR Educational Workshop On “Education of Radiotherapy Physicists”



This workshop is jointly organized by the AAPM, the Spanish (SEFM) and the Russian (AMPR) Medical Physics Societies, as part of formal educational exchange agreements signed by the AAPM with each one of these two societies.With the rapid technological advances in radiation therapy both for treatment and imaging, it is challenging how physics is taught to medical physicists practicing in radiation therapy. The main Objectives: of this workshop is to bring forth current status, challenges and issues related to education of radiation therapy physicists here in the US, Spain and Russia. Medical physicists from each one of these countries will present educational requirements of international recommendations and directives and analyze their impact on national legislations. Current and future educational models and plans for harmonization will be described. The role of universities, professional societies and examination boards, such as the American Board of Radiology, will be discussed. Minimum standards will be agreed upon.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Review medical physics educational models supported by AAPM, SEFM, and AMPR.
  • 2.Discuss the role of governmental and non-governmental organizations in elaborating and adopting medical physics syllabi.
  • 3.Debate minimum educational standards for medical physics education based on country-specific resources.