TH-C-16A-01: MBAs for Medical Physicists



Medical physicists who are interested in business management, operations, and/or finance are likely to have considered earning an MBA. This session will 1) compare and contrast business education with medical and scientific education, 2) summarize the history and curriculum of the MBA and alternative degrees/certificates, 3) survey current MBA programs, including those likely to be of particular interest to medical physicists, 4) describe the MBA admissions process and student experience, and 5) enumerate ways in which the pursuit and completion of an MBA could impact the career paths of medical physicists.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.To understand broadly the organization of, and stakeholders in, business education.
  • 2.To learn about the business school admissions process, curriculum, and student experience.
  • 3.To gain a sense of possible career outcomes that business credentials could catalyze.