SU-E-P-32: Adapting An MMLC to a Conventional Linac to Perform Stereotactic Applications




Micro-MLCs minimizes beam scalloping effects caused by conventional-MLCs and facilitates conformal dynamic treatment delivery. But their effect on dosimetric parameters require careful investigations. Physical and dosimetric parameters and Linac mechanical stability with mMLC (net weight 30 Kg) attached to the gantry are to be investigated. Moreover, output study along with recommended jaws offsets are studied. Adaptation of an mMLC to our 16-years old conventional Linac is investigated in this work


BrainLab mMLC (m3) mounted in a detachable chassis to the Philips SL-15 Linac (30kg). Gantry and collimator spoke shots measurements are made using a calibrated film in a solid phantom and compared with pin-point measurements. Leaf penumbra, transmission, leakage between the leaves, percentage depth dose (PDD) are measured using IBA pin-point ion chamber at 6 and 10 MV. For output measurements (using brass build-up cap), jaws are modified continuously regarding to m3-fields while output factor are compared with fixed jaws situation, while the mMLC leaf configuration is modified for different m3-fields


Mean transmission through leaves is 1.9±0.1% and mean leakage between leaves is 2.8±0.15%. Between opposing leaves abutting along the central beam-axis mean transmission is 15±3%, but it is reduced to 4.5±0.6% by moving the abutment position 4.5cm off-axis. The penumbra was sharper for m3 -fields than jaws-fields (maximum difference is 1.51±0.2%). m3-fields PDD show ∼3% variation from those of jaws-fields. m3-fields output factors show large variations (<4%) from Jaws defined fields. Output for m3-rectangular fields show slight variation in case of leaf-end&leaf-side as well as X-jaw&Y-jaw exchange. Circular m3-fields output factors shows close agreement with their corresponding square jaws-defined fields using 2mm Jaws offsets, If jaws are retracted to m3 limits, differences become <5%.


BrainLab m3 is successfully adapted to our 16 old Philips-SL-15 Linac. Dosimetric properties should be taken into account for treatment planning considerations.